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Art_Pray_Love (APL) DAO was born from the Crypto world. We are artists, investers, and passionate believers, dedicated to the long term development and breaking boundaries in the fields of NFTs, blockchain technology, GameFi Assets and beyond. Empowered by decentraliza-tion, we sought to give more people a voice in the cypto space, co-creating the future for Crypto Arts.




We commit 20% of our revenues to assist underprivileged and upcoming young artists. At the same time, every member of our community, artist or collector, will receive exclusive rights. In the future, we aspire to break the boundary between the East and the West, helping young artists across the world to express their creativity.



Gen Z !

Our first collection is named Gen Z, representing our hope and faith for these creative artists. Artists and art enthusiasts, we welcome you to join us.

我们的首个系列命名为Gen Z,正是代表了我们对于这些最富有创造力的艺术家的期待,也欢迎更多这样的你,加入我们。